Helping your Kitten to use Litter

While kittens take to litter trays fairly intuitively, getting this right is important. Follow these steps and your kitten will be using the litter tray in no time.

Find the right litter tray first up

You should look for a tray that’s large enough for your kitten to move around in and one that they can climb into easily when it’s time to go. Some kittens like more privacy, so you can also choose an enclosed litter tray.

Choose the best litter for you

Choosing the right litter for your kitten is just as important as the tray itself. Cat litter is available in a variety of materials and each have their pros and cons. Options vary from natural varieties, such as recycled paper or pine, which are the safest options for kittens to clay litter, which forms clumps when wet for easy removal, and crystal litter.

Find the right spot

Place the litter tray in a quiet spot out of the way of household traffic for privacy. The best place is in a corner of a room, away from their food and water bowl.

Control their space

When you bring your new kitten home, it’s best to allocate your pet a smaller space like the laundry until they get used to their new home – this will also help with toilet training. It will also keep them close to the litter tray when they need to go and encourage them to use it.

Keep in mind

If you are introducing a new kitten into a home that already has a resident cat, you need to make sure that each of the cats have their own litter tray. This will help to prevent any unwanted Finding the best litter territorial behaviour and inappropriate urination in the long run.

Reinforce their good behaviour

If you want your kitten to quickly learn how to use their litter tray, you should get in the habit of physically placing them inside it when they first wake up in the morning, a few minutes after eating and drinking, and after play. Gently encourage them with your words, rather than raising your voice.

It’s important to keep their litter tray clean and ready for them to use.

Finding the Best Litter

Pine Litter

Pine litters are made from 100% sustainable wood in the form of shavings compressed into pellets. It is compostable, biodegradable and made from sustainable resources.



Paper Litter

Made of recycled paper, it is chemical-free and ultra-absorbent while suitable for composting.



Crystal Litter

These 100% silica crystals are non-clumping, long-lasting, lightweight, non-toxic and very absorbent. This is not recommended for young kittens in case it is ingested.



Clay Litter

This variety is available in both clumping and non-clumping varieties. Clumping clay cat litter is highly absorbent, quickest to absorb moisture and most economical. Non-clumping litter avoids mess outside the tray while being absorbent and economical.